About Anmol

Anmol Piling & Steel Structural LLC is a business established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates & a member of Chirag Group of Companies. Our quality of work & expertise has allowed us to become one of the best in the business & we are continually upgrading our services to meet the increasing demands of the clients. The customers' needs are of paramount importance and many schemes are tailored to meet specific individual requirements while still providing value engineered solutions.

We are piling specialists who have the innovation, equipment & technical expertise necessary to undertake the many changing foundation, piling and heavy shoring projects of our region. Many of the systems and techniques used by the company are backed up by years of experience in this field. And with the team of men who also have the experience and knowledge needed to the best job possible.

Meanwhile, the Group continues to challenge itself constantly to strive for an even better performance for its clients.


  • To provide services that will address and satisfy our customers' needs, requirements & expectations in a cost effective way.
  • Completion of the projects to customer's in time on budget and to their satisfaction.
  • To be known as a reliable, efficient and service minded company.
  • To employ, the best industry practice and strive for excellence through total continuous improvement and innovation.
  • To minimize the impact on environment and provide value engineering for our customers.

scope of services

Anmol Piling & Steel Structural LLC. is specialist in geotechnical and in pile foundation works which provides the following list of services in pile foundation, retaining walls and structural support members for retaining walls.


I. Bored and Cast-In-Place Piles
Installation of Bored and Cast-In-Place Piles
1. Using Bentonite or Polymer    2. Using Temporary Casing    3. Using Contiguous Flight Augers
II. Micro Piles    III. Caisson Piles    IV. Underpinning Piles


I. Contiguous Pile Wall    II. Secant Pile Wall    III. Soldier Pile Wall    IV. Sheet Pile Wall    V. Diaphragm Wall


I. Ground Anchors
Types of Ground Anchors
1. Tie Back Anchors    2. Dead Man Anchors
II. Propped    III. Berms

Corporate Address

P.O.Box.31537, Dubai.U.A.E. Tel - +9714 - 8867788, Fax - +9714 - 8867700